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Saccharin sodium

  • Product Name

    Saccharin sodium

  • CAS Number


  • Molecular Structure

  • Molecular Weight


  • Standard


  • Function

    Nutritional sweetener refers to a sweetener with sucrose sweetness at the same time, its calorific value in sugar more than 2% of the calorific value; The nutritional sweetener calorific value is less than 2% of the calorific value of sucrose.

  • Application

    Saccharin sodium is most commonly used as a food additive to sweeten products such as candies, vitamins, salad dressings, gum, table sweeteners, jam, canned fruit, drinks, medicines, toothpaste and much more. It is also used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and electroplating industries as a nickel plating brightener.

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