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  • Product Name

    HIP (Heme iron polypeptide)

  • Purity

    1%, 2%

  • Source

    Bovine or porcine

  • Appearance

    Black powder

  • Standard


  • Function

    High absord rate (around 35%), not to be effected by meal categories ( such as Protein, Vegetable fiber , Oxalic acid, Tannic acid, will not influence its effective absord);Without stimulation to gastrointestinal tract; The best source of Iron, an ideal product for treating Iron-Deficiency anemia; Heme iron polypeptide series are all high-quality products, made from Porcine hemoglobin and by using full-biotechnology , including XK-13 ,XK-14 which are characteristic of natural safe and reliable.

  • Application

    Nutritional supplements for iron, blood agents and food additives.